Aluminium Counters

We offer a fantastic aluminium framed range of cabinets and showcases. Both merchandise as well as professional services may be shown inside these aluminium display counters to spotlight their particular attributes and benefits. The objective of this type of visual merchandising is to captivate, interact and inspire the visitor towards making a purchase.

Visual merchandising employing aluminium display counters typically takes place in retail spaces like jewellers, pharmacies and colleges. Glass display counters can also be used to great effect in sites such as educational facilities and galleries, to showcase awards, and delicate pieces.

Numerous variables should be considered by shop designers in setting up shop counter displays like lamps, distance, merchandise data, specific physical criteria and technology such as digital projection screens and interactive installations.

Our range for Retail Display Stands, made from modular system profiles and accessories, to bespoke Retail Merchandising Units that feature joinery-made shelving and in-built showcases.

We also create engaging, practical and versatile Point of Sale displays that can be adapted and configured to almost any retail situation, particularly where floor space is at a premium.

The right retail supplies are the key to succeed in the most competitive industries, and we know that store equipment can make all the difference. With so many retail display cases to choose from we’re confident that you’ll be able to use them to your advantage.