Female Body Form Hanger

Manufacturer: Display Equipment

Part Number: R1119-R1122

  • Complete with chrome swivel hook

  • Available in four colour choices

  • Black, White, Frost or Fleshtone

  • Boxed Quantity 12

  • Next Day Delivery

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We supply a great range of clothes displays, enabling us to service the requirements of virtually every clothes retail consumer, from major multiple retailers to domestic customers.

Our garment rails are manufactured in the UK and designed for heavy commercial use. The range includes four lengths from three feet to six feet, with height adjusters available. Our garment rails can be supplied with two types of castors, or with a fish tail base. The range is currently available in all black, black & chrome and chrome.

For the more price-conscious clothes rail consumer, we also offer a cheaper alternative.

We also supply portable clothes rails, known in the trade as reps rails. These are made of lighter weight materials and are designed as folding clothes rails, for easy transportation.

We carry a huge range of free-standing clothes rails, which are designed specifically for clothing retailers. These are available in superior chrome finish, in eight different styles and are fully adjustable to suit customers’ individual requirements.

Our free-standing fashion systems include clothes rails and fully adjustable free-standing clothes rails.

A range of two way and four-way adjustable freestanding clothes rails. Range offers crank arm rails, sloping arm rails and straight arms rails.

Accessories include add-on arms and shelves.

The system which is used by major multiple retailers, is a highly competitive and flexible freestanding clothes rails solution for displaying your merchandise.

The success of our business is through putting our client’s aims, interests and needs to the forefront of our activities.

No retail outlets are the same and we take the project from concept through to installation with cutting edge fashion display systems and bespoke shop fittings and fixtures.

Sophisticated brands, complex retail interiors and challenging marketing concepts deserve dedicated commitment to understand, achieve and deliver.

We commit to work together with you and your service providers to co-create. Together everyone achieves more.

Our retail display systems are designed to promote the products and the brand alike, giving each and every customer and unique experience.

Where people buy, how people buy, what people buy is constantly changing. As a leading display systems and interiors company we strive to be at the heart of this change. We continuously develop our retail display products and services.

To us innovation means the daily willingness to change, while permanently holding to the integrity of underpinning principles of reliability. We are dedicated followers of fashion.