Front Lip Shelf

Manufacturer: Gridwall

Part Number: R429

  • Size 24" x 24".

  • Finish: Chrome.

  • Boxed quantity 6.

  • Next Day Delivery.

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The Gridwall™ system is based around strong robust polished chrome plated mesh panels.

We only sell genuine brand Gridwall. Gridwall is a product similar to Slatwall, it is used for the same sort of retail display purposes but Gridwall is a little cheaper, it’s lighter and it’s easier to work with.

You start by choosing the size of Gridwall Panels you need, they are all 2 feet wide but come in a range of lengths (they can be used as either landscape or portrait though). Gridwall Panels are simply a metal grid with a chrome finish.

Attaching your panels to the wall if that’s how you plan to use them is quite easy. You simply use our Gridwall Wall Mounting Brackets, then all you need are some Gridwall Hooks and Accessories and you are ready to display your items in a funky and attractive way.

Another great use of Gridwall is to create a Gridwall Gondola. Using gridwall panels all you need extra is a gondola base or leg stands, they easily bolt together and you very quickly and cheaply have a great floor standing gridwall display.

Gridwall is a licensed trademark, when purchasing Gridwall make sure you are buying from a reputable company like ours, there are many lower quality imitations out there pretending to be the real thing.

Gridwall™ is a superb display system that is both highly practical and simple to use.

A variety of accessories are available such as single hooks, euro hooks, straight arms, waterfalls, baskets and shelves.

Gridwall™ Accessories include hooks shelves, bars and racks and is sturdy enough to support the weight of larger merchandise. Small hooks can be used to display smaller for example jewellery, hats, belts, sunglasses or purses are often displayed in this way.

Our Gridwall™ system comes in a heavy duty Chrome finish with many Grid wall accessories available to enhance your retail environment. Our extra strong Grid wall panels are made from ¼” diameter chrome mesh with 3″ grid centres.

Genuine Gridwall™ has double 6mm Ø side rods for strength and is available as 2ft wide panels in five different heights from 4ft up to 8ft high. These can be used portrait or landscape.