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“Caem”- TN9 System –

Caems technical office is at your full disposal to design specific components to satisfy your requirements. Caem today consists of more than 70 people in their headquarters based in Subbiano, Arrezzo Italy, where the total range of products is manufactured. The Caem System is successfully marketed and distributed worldwide thanks to its quality, strength and competitive pricing structure.

Caem Manufacture a wide range of Steel Modular Shop fitting Systems for extensive use within the Retail Sector. Decades of experience and continuous investment in the very latest cutting edge technologies, supported by professionally trained workforce, enables Caem to manufacture their products efficiently and competitively.

Due to Caems automated methods of manufacturing and the modular design of their Shop fitting Systems, you are guaranteed maximum utilisation of the floor space available for display. The TN9 upright is the key to the whole system and is complimented by a wide range of accessories, enabling the system to be integrated into many specific applications.

The Caem shelving system is unique due to the modularity and flexibility of components and display; a wide range of accessories is also available. For wall and gondola units we use the TN9 upright, which is suitable for all retail outlets thanks to a number of bends and the special certified high strength steel.

Bases are available in heights of 16 and 24cm and depths between 20 and 80cm.

The new Ultra Low Base allows the base shelf to be positioned at just 8 cm from the floor.

The modular shelf planks guarantee versatility and durability and efficiency in stock management.

The easy to use Epos price rail allows two inclinations of display.

An alternative to a price tag display is an aluminium rail, available in any of Caem’s paint colours.

A full range of wire chrome risers and dividers are available for the modular shelves. Wire front risers available in two heights. Modular shelves and wire chrome dividers are usable when in inclined position. The front risers inserts easily into the “U-channel” which is on the front of all of the shelves.

If wire work is undesirable within the shops then a complete acrylic binning system is available as an alternative which will deliver excellent merchandising solutions. The back side of the acrylic divider can be left free or linked with a magnetic or adhesive rail. Dividers have a left, right and a “T” flap to allow products to be displayed in order and without a front obstacle.

Curved shelves are also available to order. Curved shelves are used mainly to attract more attention from the customer and to gain more out of in –store promotions. The effect is of an attraction-point in the corridor similar to gondola ends in returns.

For faster selling products wire chrome modular shelves guarantee maximum visibility throughout the day.

“Caem”- Electronics –

With the design of structural shelving components, the quickness and precision of assembling, guarantee a perfect visual merchandising for the most different retail outlets. Working with colours, modularity and the wide range of accessories on offer, you can achieve great looking electronic shop layouts with the most modern solutions on the market.

“Caem”- Bookstores-

With the TN9 System you can install the most effective displays in the market in terms of tidiness, easiness of use, re-merchandise and sales return. A perfect shop solution for bookstores, magazine and literature displays. Several titles per unit are easy to display. Displays for cards are also available. In smaller sites it is still possible to obtain the maximum display of products/goods in a rational way. Magazine displays are available in 1,2,3,4 tiers; the front pocket is available in 7,5 cm or 12 cm depths.

“Caem”- Food-

Caem offers extreme competitiveness for the food market with a full range of accessories designed to suit retailer’s requirements. Robustness and resistance to high traffic make Caem shelving a great choice. “Skin finish” painting powders that return is unique durability over the years keeping their tidiness and brilliance.

“Caem”- Fashion-

Modularity becomes design. Caem takes the most out the high sales of modular shelving and out of the careful designing process to offer many solutions for clothing, shoes and shops similar. Glass and timber displays are available to suit needs. Manufactured to high standards, the most modern metallic paints, islands without light stopping back panels, Caem is the best choice for any kind of outlet. The solidarity of the TN9 System guarantees the safety of the shop even in critical period of sales.

“Caem”- DIY & GP5 System –

Caem’s shelving systems offer a fantastic range of shop fitting products/solutions for DIY shops and shops alike. GP5 System is robust, flexible and modular. The strength of the system and the almost infinite display combinations permits a best solution for any product on sale, leaving the shop owner free to change the merchandise in a very quick and easy way.

The system (GP5) Caem offers has singular pitches and double pitches relating to the TN9 shelving system. The structural frame of GP5 System is built with modular specific upright 5 x 5 and strengthening bolt in bars. The central TN9 Upright works with TN base work for the four sides for each GP5 unit. The top beams of the GP5 system together with bars can hold timber planks for box stocking. The unit is designed for the minimum use of components. No welds or difficult integration between different systems.

“Caem”- Quad System –

The fast evolution of point of sales is driving the need for new layout concepts from a grid use of the floor space with long corridor/forced paths, the trend is for an open plan/space shop where the customer sees through the shelving units, chooses where to go, sees more and purchases more on the shopping experience.

“Caem” – 4Post Evo & 4Post Systems-

The Mini-rack 4 Post System, which uses Caem’s TN9 structure plus a front upright, simply notched to the base with special supports. The shelf planks are of a higher capacity achieved by the double sided bracket, which is also used for the Caem GP5 shelving System. The 4Post-AEvo joins the higher weight loading capacity of a front post with an effective merchandising which is not disturbed by front vertical posts.

“Caem” – Mag & BanchiMet-

Caem “MAG System” is widely available and used mainly for warehouses, backdoor rooms/stock rooms or lower requirement stocking. We offer this competitive system with the same quality and quickness of installation. The sides are built with two uprights, locking brackets and planks are in place thanks to hooks in the corners. The same planks are used in the MET counter, available in several sizes and corners with a top finish in rubber or timber. MAG shelves have weld reinforcements. The modularity of the MET counters makes them competitive and effective. Standard components and corner units allow any combination.

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