Heavy Duty Racking

Shelving and racking is one of the most important purchases for any business selling goods. The display and storage of items can affect how they sell, how long they keep and to ensure storage space is correctly utilised in a business.

It is very important to measure for shelving and racking before making a purchase. The size including the height, width and depth of the shelf is key for most businesses who want to utilise the available space to the maximum.

It is equally important to consider the products that you wish to store on the racks – How much do these products weigh? How are you going to load/unload the products from the racks?

Basic types of racking and shelving

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is designed to store very heavy items including full pallets of goods – furniture and other largeĀ items. Pallet racking are most frequently used in a warehouse with usage of a fork lift truck for loading/unloading.

Consider the following:

Space you have in the warehouse for the pallet racking?

How tall the pallet racking can be based on the building height or lift capacity of your fork truck?

What is the pallet size to be stored?

What is the average pallet weight?

Multi-purpose racking

Our most popular racking system ideal from the office through to the warehouse.

Suitable for any hand loaded application.

A heavy duty system with the flexibility to change with the demands of your business.

Perfect for bulky items and heavy loads up to 500 kgs per shelf level.

Huge variety of Height x Width x Depth available to suit any product storage.

Industrial Shelving

A great range from economy value shelving to classic industrial shelving.

Huge variety of height x depth x widths to suit the office – stock room or stores.

Suitable for hand loaded applications only.

Ideal for small parts storage or light product storage.

Loadings from 80 to 150 Kgs per shelf level.